21st July 2018 Current Affairs


Andhra Pradesh launches e-Pragati core platform

  • Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has launched the ‘e-Pragati core platform’ at Undavalli.
  • The digital initiative is aimed at connecting the citizen to 34 departments, 336 autonomous organisations and 745-plus services.
  • Through the e-Pragati core platform the State government aims to realise the vision of ‘Sunrise AP 2022’.

Myanmar joins International Solar Alliance

  • Myanmar is the latest nation to join the India-initiated International Solar Alliance (ISA).
  • Myanmar has become the 68th signatory to the Framework Agreement of the ISA.
  • The aim of the ISA is for optimum utilisation of solar energy.
  • This move was made during a bilateral meeting on Delhi Dialogue 2018.

Shubhankar Sharma becomes youngest Indian to make cut at a golf Major

  • Shubhankar Sharma became the youngest Indian golfer to make the cut at a Major.
  • He achieved the feat at the 147th Open Championships at Carnoustie, Scotland.
  • Sharma made the cut at the British Open over the back nine of the demanding course, just one day before he turned 22.

Meghalayan Age: Newest phase in earth’s history officially named after Meghalaya rock evidence

  • After the stone age, bronze age and iron age, there is a new chapter in the Earth’s history: the Meghalayan Age.
  • The past 4,200 years have been officially classified as the Meghalayan Age after specific chemical signatures were found in stalagmites in caves in Meghalaya.
  • The Meghalayana Age begins with a drought that devastated ancient human civilisations from Egypt to China.
  • This age is special because it is a convergence of geological and cultural events, where changes in climate affected civilizations who depended on agriculture.

Govt launches MicroDot technology to curb vehicle thefts

  • The Indian Government has announced the launch of a new MicroDot technology to help check vehicle thefts.
  • The technology involves etching thousands of small dots using laser technology all over the vehicle’s body including the engine.
  • These laser etched dots is to contain information about the vehicle, including vehicle identification number.
  • Before it is used, the technology has to be finalized by the Central Motor Vehicles Rules -Technical Standing Committee (CMVR-TSC), which is the highest body for setting automobile technical standards.

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