21st June 2018 Current Affairs


Haryana has become the First State in India to give star rankings to its villages

  • A total of 1120 villages of Haryana have achieved 1120 villages of Haryana have achieved star ranking under “7-Star Gram Panchayat Rainbow Scheme”.

  • The Scheme was launched in January 2018 by Chief Minister Manohar Lal.

  • The Star Rating to the Village Panchayats under the scheme is given on the basis of seven parameters and for each parameter different colors are awarded such as

      1. Pink Star for outstanding performance in improving sex ratio.

      2. Green Star for Environment protection

      3. White Star for Cleanliness

      4. Saffron star for Crime-Free Villages

      5. Sky Color for no drop-out.

      6. Golden Star for good Governance

      7. Silver Star for participation in Development of Villages.

  • Under the Scheme, the villages will be rewarded Rs 1 Lakh for achieving each star.

World is celebrating 4th International Yoga Day today

  • Today is the 4th International Yoga Day celebrated across the world.

  • The United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June 2018 as 4th International Yoga Day on 11th December 2018.

  • 800 Differently abled person attempted Guinness World Record in Ahmedabad for Largest Silent Yoga Class” on International Yoga Day 2018.

  • The theme for the Yoga Day 2018 is “Yoga for Peace”.

Indian American Atul Gawande appointed as CEO of New Amazon led Joint Health Care Firm

  • Eminent Indian-American surgeon, writer, and public health innovator Atul Gawande has been named as CEO of new employee health care company, started by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet and JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon.

  • He will takeover as the CEO of the company on 9th July 2018.

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya is selected as 100th Smart City

  • Shillong has been selected as the 100th city to receive funding under the Creative’s flagship “Smart Cities Mission”.

  • On 16th January 2016, 20 cities were announced under the Smart Cities Mission followed by 13 cities in May 2016, 27 cities in September 2016, 30 cities in June 2017 and 9 cities in January this year.

  • The total proposed investment in the finally selected 100 cities under the Smart Cities Mission would be Rs 2, 05, 018 Crores.

  • Under the scheme, each city will get Rs 500 Crore from the centre for implementing various projects.

  • The 100 Smart Cities Mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th June 2015.

Surat to receive “City Award” under India Smart Cities Award 2018

  • Surat Smart City has been selected for “City Award” for showing great momentum in the implementation of projects under “India Smart Cities Awards 2018”.

  • Overall, nine awards have been announced under the India Smart Cities Awards.

  • The “Smart City Award” was given to Surat for showing great momentum in the implementation of projects especially in the categories of urban environment, transport, and mobility and sustainable integrated development.

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