How To Improve Your Accuracy for SBI Clerk Exam

Most of the competitive exams nowadays including SBI clerk are conducted in the online format with multiple options. It becomes even more important to maintain accuracy as each wrong answer leads to negative marking (0.25 in case of SBI clerk).

So, in this article, we will give you some tips to help you in improving the accuracy for the upcoming SBI clerk exam.

Let us look at the most common errors students make during competitive exams.

  •    In the Quant section, candidates make mistakes in even basic mathematical calculations like addition and multiplication. Even though the frequency of such mistakes is low, but given the level of competition nowadays, even a difference of one mark can prove costly.
  •    Error due to careless reading can lead you to wrong answers in reasoning and English section. For example, in syllogisms, sometimes we are required to find out the conclusion which logically does not follows from the given statements, but students mark the answer which does follow as they have practiced that particular pattern of questions which were being asked until then. Therefore, it is very necessary to read the instructions carefully.
  •    Not reading all the options can also lead to wrong answers. Sometimes the more than one options are closely related to the answer. In these types of questions, the closely related option is generally provided above the actual correct answer. But the student marks the option which comes first in his field of vision.

For example:

  1. What is the value of π, approximated to four decimal places of accuracy?

(a) 3.1415 (Marked but Wrong)
(b) 3.1400
(c) 3.1412
(d) 3.1416 (Right answer- Not seen by the candidate)

  •    Not marking the correct answer. In this case, the candidate marks an option other than what he thinks or calculated as the right answer. Although this may sound absurd but judging from the response sheets of other competitive exams, these errors do occur during the examination. It may be due to a faulty/unresponsive mouse during the SBI Clerk Junior Associate exam.

There are some tips which will help you in avoiding the above-mentioned errors. But before that, let us first understand the concept of accuracy and its relationship with various elements.

Accuracy has an inverse relationship with speed. If you increase your speed, your accuracy will decrease. But that should not be a cause for concern as both of them have a direct relationship with the amount of practice. So, you can increase both with practice. The more you practice, the better will be your speed and accuracy.  That is why Thomas Edison said- “There is no alternative to hard work”.

The following tips will help you in reducing the errors mentioned above and thereby improving your accuracy.

  •    Hardcore practice-Don’t avoid pushing your boundaries during the preparation stages. Be it the muscles on your body or the neurons of your brain, the harder you push, the more efficient it will become. This notion that it is necessary to relax after regular intervals is only effective in increasing your short-term output but not so effective in increasing the capacity/endurance of your brain. The best time to practice is when you are most tired. As for learning new concepts, it is better to start afresh preferably in the morning.
  •    Practice solving questions without pen and paper. This will be helpful in improving your cognitive capabilities and help you in saving precious time which you can use in improving accuracy. It will also enable you to practice at inconvenient places. For example, while commuting tries to solve basic calculations like multiplying 24 by 19 in your head. But during your actual examination, you should use all the resources at your disposal.
  •    Analyze your errors.After solving a mock test, always check your mistakes so as to keep track of your accuracy and performance. Make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again.
  •    Practice solving questions with a different approach.It will enhance your understanding of the concept and enable you to develop short tricks.
  •    Read the instructions carefully.After doing a same pattern of questions, again and again, some students develop a tendency to skip through the instruction part which might prove very costly.
  •     Check your mouse as soon as you reach your desk at the examination hall. Immediately inform the invigilator and ask for a replacement.
  •    Go through all the options whenever required.
  •     Taking the time to sleep before an exam will benefit your speed and accuracy more than four or five hours of staying awake staring at notes that you will not remember. A research found the sleep-deprived students obtained lower grades due to the fact that it impacts memory and concentration.
  •    Concentration– Both the speed and the accuracy of your brain are directly related to your concentration. The concentration power of your brain depends upon your passion or liking for the task you are performing. For example, you might have a great concentration while playing a particular video game. But when it comes to doing maths, your concentration might not be that great. Practicing with online mock tests and comparing your score with others might be helpful in improving your concentration.
  •    Practice giving two to three mock tests in one sitting.It will also enhance the capability of your brain to concentrate for longer durations.
  •    Try giving mock tests in unknown/noisy environments every once in a while. It will gear you up for any disturbance you might encounter during your real examination. For this, you can go to a nearby café which you have never visited before.
  •     Practicing meditation, listening to binaural beats or the sound of tanpura, spending time in nature will also be helpful in improving your concentration.
  •    Try to limit your internet/gadgets usage for the purpose of studies only. As these gadgets have a negative impact on your concentration.
  •    Avoid having calorie dense food, especially before the examination, as it causes drowsiness and effects your concentration.
  •    Exercise is important for the vitality of all the organs of your body including your brain. Short sprints are not only effective in pumping oxygen-rich blood to your brain but are also a time-saving exercise. Even five minutes can be sufficient depending upon the intensity of the sprints. Inversion exercises like headstand or shoulder stands are also effective as it increases the blood flow to the brain, providing more oxygen and nutrients and making the brain function faster and better. This improves concentration, memory, observation and boosts clear thinking.

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