How to Spend Your Last 24 Hours before RRB Group D CBT Exam

Finally, few hours left for RRB Group D CBT Exam to start. As soon as you approach the first day of the Railway Group D Exam which is on 17th September 2018, the first thing that  strikes in your mind is – “Have I prepared enough?” Will the paper be easy or tough?” Should I be revising the night before my Exam? “How do I remain calm when everyone around me is panicking? Well, even I had the same thing on my mind rushing through number of questions and possibilities. Well, in this article, we will not be discussing anything about the RRB Group D CBT Exam; this article is just a small confident booster pill that we are prescribing you to take one day/ night before the Exam.

Day before the Exam

During the Day time, just go with the revision plan, go through the topics that you have done already. Try to emphasize it out. Just keep on revising more and more. Write down the formulas which you find you know, but you forget few times. This will help you getting progress.

How to Spend Your Lat 24Hrs before exam

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The Night before the Exam

Spend this time wisely. This time must be completely about relaxation and rest. Your hands might be stretching you towards the revision notes but no…. you need to take control of that. Here are few things that you should be doing, the night before the exam-

  • Imagine something Positive- Spend some time visualizing a positive exam experience. This will enhance your confidence, help with the nerves, and enlighten your mood.
  • Think about your best achievements – Think about your good performance that helped you to do well all the time and how will you implement that tomorrow.
  • Boost up your Preparation – Think about how well you prepare and how much revision you have done.
  • Focus – Focus on yourself and do not compare with others. This will make you feel stressed. Thus focus on what you can control.
  • Take it as a Challenge – If you take this exam as a threat, then it will create anxiety and stressed. Therefore, view the exam as an opportunity or as a challenge. This will make you feel better.
  • Overcoming – Think of how you have overcome the previous setbacks. This will help you to deal with future challenges and build your mental state.
  • Good Night’s Sleep – Spray a good scent and try sleeping. This will help in improving creativity, problem solving, enhance your concentration and memory.

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I hope that this will help you in developing your confidence and thinking positive about the Exam. Remember – “Your Limit is your Mind”. Thus, keep a control on your mind; don’t let negative things overcome you.

We Wish You All the Best for the Exam…!!

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