Indian Railways and Its Time Table (Train Time Table / Rail Time Table)

Indian Railways are the backbone of our Nation. Indian Railways connects the length and breadth of the country thus making the transportation of the citizens easier and economical. The Indian Railways was founded on 8th May 1845. India’s National Railway System was operated by the Ministry of Indian Railways. The Indian Railways ranks the 4th Largest Railway Network by size with 121, 407 Kilometers of a total track over 67, 368 Kilometers. The Indian Railways runs more than 1300 passenger trains both long route and sub-urban routes from 7439 stations across India and carries approx. 23 million passengers per day. The Official website of the Indian Railways-

Services Offered by Indian Railways

The different services offered by the Indian Railways are as follows:

  1. Passenger Railways
  2. Freight Services
  3. Parcel Carrier
  4. Catering and Tourism
  5. Services
  6. Parking Lot Operations and
  7. Other Related Services

The Indian Railway is divided into 17 Zones and the zones are further divided into 68 operating divisions, headed by Divisional Railway Managers.

Types of Trains that run under Indian Railways

The Trains in Indian Railways are classified by an average speed, faster trains with few stops (halts) than a slower one, and also for long-distance travel. Most of the Express Trains are named with special names to identify them easily. The names of the trains usually represent the regions they connect or the route they traverse or person or a tourist spot connected with the train. Types of trains that run under Indian Railways is as follows:

Rajdhani Express

The Rajdhani Express has limited stops with an air-conditioned facility. The train connects all the major cities to New Delhi. They have a top speed of 130-140 Km/Hour.

Rajdhani Express Trains Time-Table

Shatabdi Express

These are Intercity Trains for Day-time travel. These are air-conditioned and they make a round trip on the same day. These are Limited Stop Trains with Wi-Fi Facility. The Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the India’s second fastest train between New-Delhi and Agra.

Shatabdi Express Trains Time-Table

Duronto Express

These are Non-Stop Trains (except for Technical Halts) which was launched in 2009. The train connects India’s Metro cities and Major city capitals. The speed is almost equal or more than Rajdhani Express. These trains are air-conditioned with one, two and three tier sitting. They have non-air conditioned sleeper accommodations as well.

Duranto Express Trains Time-Table

Garib Rath Express

Garib Rath also called as “Poor People’s Chariot”. This train was launched in the year 2005 to provide air-conditioned long-distance travel to those passengers who could not afford standard fares of air-conditioned class in regular-fare trains. These are three-tier trains running with a speed limit of 130 Km/Hr.

Garib Rath Express Trains Time-Table

Sampark Kranti Express

The Sampark Kranti Express is a series of super-fast trains that provide a quick connectivity to the National Capital- New Delhi. Sampark Kranti trains charge the same fare as regular/ superfast trains and do not provide any special facilities. The main objective of this train is to reduce the travel time without compromising the passenger comfort. Initially, eighteen trains were launched out of which the Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express from Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin to Yesvantpur was the first train to be launched in 2004.

Sampark Kranti Express Trains Time-Table

Jan Shatabdi Express

The Jan Shatabdi Express is a more affordable variety of the Shatabdi Express. The Express is more economical and was launched in the year 2003. The express provides both air-conditioned and non-air conditioned facilities/ classes with a top speed of 110 Km/Hours.

Jan Shatabdi Express Trains Time-Table

Humsafar Express

The Humsafar Express was launched on 16th December 2016. These are three-tier coach trains with an Air-Conditioned facility. These trains contain LED Screens that displays information about the stations and train speed, PA System, Vending Machines for tea and coffee, charging ports for Electric Devices, Bio- Toilets, Smoke Alarms, CCTV Cameras, Curtains and Heating and Refrigeration facilities for food.

Humsafar Express Trains Time-Table

Antyodaya Express

Their trains offer Unreserved/ General Coaches that are designed by the Indian Railways. This train was first started on 4th March 2017 between Ernakulam Junction and Howrah inaugurated by Suresh Prabhu, the former Minister of Indian Railways. These have High-Speed LHB Coaches on peak routes to ease congestion.

Antyodaya Express Trains Time-Table

Tejas Express

These trains are semi-high speed, air-conditioned which was launched on 24th May 2017. The train covers 551.7 Kilometers in eight hours in 30 Minutes. They have bio- vacuum toilets, water-level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated Braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with a Phone Jack, Wi-Fi, Vending Machines, CCTV Camera etc.

Tejas Express Trains Time-Table

Uday Express

The Uday Express is otherwise called Utkrshit Double Decker Air-Conditioned Yatri Express. These trains are Double-Decker Air-Conditioned Trains with Chair facility. They run overnight on busy routes with 40% of additional passenger capacity. The services include small-haul routes.

Uday Express Trains Time-Table

Suvidha/ Premium Express Trains

The Suvidha Express is also called as Premium Express. This train was launched in the year 2014 to operate in the busiest routes. They follow dynamic pricing in fares similar to that of the airlines contrary to the standard one fare for one class travel generally followed by the Indian Railways. Only a 15-Day Advance Reservation Period will be permitted for this train. No cancellation, No waitlist ticket is issued or upgradation, No Tatkal Reservation, No Concession for Senior Citizens is permitted. Only e-tickets will be issued and vacant seats charting will be available at the respective current booking counters of the train originating station.

Suvidha Express Trains Time-Table

Now, since you got to know about the various types of trains that move around the Nation round the clock. Now we will provide you information about the Indian Railways Time Table.

Indian Railway/ IRCTC Time Table

The Indian Railway Time Table is the list of the Times that the different trains are scheduled to arrive and depart at a specified station. Due to the introduction of the Indian Railway Timetable, it is now easier to get the information on the Train Schedule and Booking the Tickets. The benefit of the Online Table is that it will save a lot of time. Our website will help you to get the Train Schedule of Arrival and Departure.

Just knowing the Train Schedule between two stations is not enough. If you want to enjoy the Train journey then you need to know some basic details about the Train Journey Schedule such as:

  1. Duration of the Journey- Train Timings between two stations for different trains may vary. So it is very important to note the duration of your journey before booking the tickets.
  2. Stations on the Way- Not most of the trains start and end as per your wish. In that case, you need to select a train that does not stop at random stations. Thus while selecting a train, make sure that you check the Train Schedule between two stations to ensure that it stops at the stations of your choice.
  3. Arrival Timings- In case you are traveling to a place with a pre-planned schedule and you don’t want to be late then through the Indian Railway Time Table, you can check the Timetables between two stations to find the arrival time of the train at the destination station.
  4. Fares- When you are booking a ticket online or at the station, make sure that you check affordability of the fares.

Through the Online Railway Timetable candidates can check the timetables for certain specific trains. By getting these timetable, passengers can easily adjust their travel itineraries.

Some Facts to know about Indian Railways

  1. On an average, around 11, 000 trains operate every day.
  2. Indian Railway carries around more than 25 million passengers every day.
  3. In the year 1986, Indian Railways started the first computerized reservation in New Delhi.
  4. The first train in India ran on 16th April 1853 from Bhopal to Thane.
  5. Howrah-Amritsar Express has a total of 115 stops, the record maximum for an Express Train.
  6. The Trivandrum- Nizamuddin Express is the longest train that travels from Vadodara to Kota in 6.5 Hours with no stop. The distance between the two stations is 528 Km.
  7. With a Maximum speed of 150 Km/Hour, the New Delhi- Bhopal Express is the fastest train operated by the Indian Railways.
  8. The Nilgiri Express Train travels at a speed of 10 Km/Hour which is the slowest train operated by the Indian Railways.
  9. India’s oldest working locomotive is the Fairy Queen, which was manufactured in 1855. It is also known as the Oldest Functioning Steam Engine in the World.
  10. The longest rail tunnel in India is the Pir Panjal with a length of 11. 215 Km. It was completed in December 2012 in Jammu and Kashmir.

  Indian Railways is known to be a monopoly. It is owned by the Indian Government. Evey day thousands of trains travel from one city to another city. Every train is scheduled at a particular time- their arrival and departure.

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