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RRB ALP 13th August 2018 Exam Analysis of First Stage CBT Shift 1st, 2nd & 3rd

RRB ALP First Stage CBT (Shift I, II and III) of 13th August 2018 is over. The RRB ALP First Stage CBT was held in three shifts – (10 to 11 am, 1 to 2 pm, 4 to 5 pm). The RRB ALP First Stage CBT started from 9th August 2018 to 31st August 2018. Since, the Shift I, II, and III CBT Exam is already over, candidates now must be curious to know about the Exam Pattern, Difficulty Level, types of questions asked and lots more. We have taken candidates feedback and in this article, we have provided you the Exam Analysis of RRB ALP First Stage CBT.

Exam Pattern of RRB ALP First Stage CBT 13 August 2018 (Shift I)

Before going to know about the Exam Analysis, it is very important to know about the Exam Pattern of the Railway Loco Pilot Recruitment 2018.

  • The Exam is completely Computer Based. The Test is conducted in three phases.

  • Number of Sections – Maths, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science, and General Awareness on Current Affairs.

  • Total Number of Questions asked – 75 Questions

  • Total Number of Marks – 75 Marks

  • Total Time Duration – 60 Minutes for Non-Scribe Candidates and 80 Minutes for Scribe Candidates.

  • For every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded and for every wrong answer 1/3rd mark will be awarded.

Exam Analysis of RRB ALP First Stage CBT (13th August 2018) Shift I

Let’s take a quick tour of the 13th August CBT (Shift I) Review. The overall paper was easy to moderate. Candidates were happy of the questions. Questions that are were asked were quite easy to answer. Through this exam analysis, candidates can review their performance and evaluate their results.

Name of the Subject/SectionTotal Number of QuestionsDifficulty Level of the Question PaperNumber of Good Attempts
Mathematics20 QuestionsModerate14 to 15 Questions
General Intelligence and Reasoning25 QuestionsEasy17 to 18 Questions
General Science20 QuestionsEasy to Moderate14 to 16 Questions
General Awareness and Current Affairs10 QuestionsModerate6 to 7 Questions
Overall75 QuestionsEasy to Moderate56 to 60 Questions

The Overall Paper was easy to solve. The Reasoning Section was the most easiest one to attempt. One can easily attempt 55+ Questions. Focus more on the Chemistry, Biology and Physics Sections and the Current Affairs.

RRB ALP First Stage CBT Exam Analysis (Section-Wise)

General Awareness and Current Affairs

Questions are asked from different zones and were easy to moderate. Some of the questions are-

Current Affairs

  • Who is the flag bearer of Asian Sports Game from India?
  • Question Related to Unnati Credit Card
  • Who received the Nobel Prize in Economics?
  • Who won PETA Award?
  • BC Roy is associated in which field?

General Knowledge

  • Who invented vaccine?
  • What is the First Tribal Language to be included in Wikipedia?
  • How many languages are there in Constitution?
  • Who built Fatehpur Sikri?
  • What is the Capital of Uganda?
  • Brahmaputra Festival is celebrated in which state?
  • From which state did Arun Jailtley become the Rajya Sabha member?


  • Who was the flag bearer of Rio Olympics in 2016?
  • Which country organized the Asian Games in which Mary Kom won the Gold Medal?
  • Neeraj Chopra is associated with which sports?
  • Who is the owner of Chennai Team in Pro- Kabaddi League?

General Science Section Exam Analysis

This section is quite difficult to answer. Some of the questions are:

  • What is measured in Voltmeter?
  • What is the height of a person on Moon?
  • Chemical Formula of Propane?
  • Chemical Formula of Sugar?
  • Which Metal can be cut by knife?
  • What is the critical angle of Diamond?
  • Which gas is not Noble Gas?
  • HCl + Sodium Carbonate =
  • How does your reproduction occur in Amoeba?
  • What is the products in Photosynthesis?
  • Which God in the Sindhu Civilization worshiped?

Mathematics Section

The difficulty level of the Mathematics Section ranged from Easy to Moderate Level. Maximum of the questions were directly formula based. Few Questions were calculative.

TopicsNumber of Questions
Simple Interest and Compound Interest3
Profit/ Loss3
Time and Work2
Speed and Distance3
Average and Percentage1
Total Number of Questions20

General Intelligence and Reasoning

The Reasoning Section was quite easy to attempt. Questions were directly formula based. The Question Distribution of General Intelligence and Reasoning are:

TopicsNumber of Questions
Syllogism4 to 5 Questions
Venn Diagram2 Questions
Mathematical Calculation2 Questions
Mirror Image1 Question
Odd one Out1 Question
Coding and Decoding2 Questions
Analogy2 Questions
Series2 Questions
Direction1 Question
Statement and Conclusion4 to 5 Questions
Counting Figure1 Question
Total25 Questions

Exam Pattern of RRB ALP First Stage CBT 13th August 2018 (Shift II)

The Shift II First Stage CBT of RRB Assistant and Loco Pilot and Technician. The Overall Question Paper was easy to moderate. Questions were quite easy to attempt. Few Questions were difficult and calculative.

Name of the SectionNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelNumber of Good Attempts
Mathematics20 QuestionsEasy15 to 17 Questions
General Intelligence and Reasoning25 QuestionsEasy to Moderate17 to 19 Questions
General Science20 QuestionsEasy to Moderate14 to 16 Questions
General Awareness and Current Affairs10 QuestionsModerate5 to 6 Questions
Overall75 QuestionsEasy to Moderate56 to 60 Questions

General Awareness and Current Affairs 

Questions were asked from different zones and topics. Some of the Questions are –

  • Who is the Chief UIDAI?
  • Questions were asked from Economy?
  • Inventor of Telephone
  • Who is Blood Circulation?
  • Sports

General Science Section

  • Action Reaction of Laws of Motion
  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion
  • Which Element is not Radioactive?
  • Atomic Number of Hydrogen
  • Good Conductor of Electricity
  • Highest Value of PH
  • Most Reactive Element
  • Hormones that make plant bend towards sunlight
  • Disease caused by Lack of Vitamin C
  • Geography and History

Mathematics Section

Questions were easy to moderate to attempt. Few Questions were tricky to solve. The Question Distribution of the topics are-

TopicsNumber of Questions
Age2 Questions
Mensuration2 Questions
Pipes and Cistern1 Question
Simple and Compound Interest2 Questions
Time and Work1 Question
Time and Distance1 Question
Profit and Loss2 Questions
Algebra1 Questions
Ratio2 Questions
LCM and HCF2 Questions
Trigonometry1 Question
Average1 Question

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Questions under this section was easy to answer. The Question distribution of the Topics under General Intelligence and Reasoning are-

TopicsNumber of Questions
Word Power1 Question
Coding and Decoding2 Questions
Statement and Conclusion5 to 7 Questions
Mirror Image1 to 2 Questions
Classification1 Question
Analogy1 Question

The Exam Analysis will be a great help to the candidates. Candidates can take this exam analysis as a reference and boost their confidence for their preparation.

Exam Analysis of RRB ALP First Stage CBT (13th August 2018) Shift III

Section NameNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelNumber of Good Attempts
Mathematics20Easy to Moderate15 to 16 Questions
General Intelligence and Reasoning25Moderate17 to 19 Questions
General Science20Easy to Moderate14 to 15 Questions
General Awareness on Current Affairs10Easy7 to 8 Questions
Overall75 QuestionsEasy to Moderate54 to 56 Questions

The Overall View of RRB ALP First Stage CBT Exam (Shift III) was easy to moderate.

Section-Wise Analysis of RRB ALP First Stage CBT 13th August 2018 (Shift III)

Mathematics Section

Questions asked were easy. Few Questions were lengthy. Overall the paper was moderate. Questions were asked from Simple and Compound Interest, Percentage, Profit and Loss etc. Some of the Questions that were asked in the Computer Based Test are-

  1. If Principal is Rs 265000, Rate of Interest = 21%, Time – 1.6 Years. Calculate Compound Interest?
  2. If Principal is Rs 2250, Rate of Interest= 3%, Time = 6 Years. Then calculate Simple Interest?
  3. What is 56% of 38?
  4. Questions were asked from Time and Work, Trigonometry, LCM and HCF, Simplification, Algebra etc.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

The difficulty level of this section was quite easy. Questions were direct, few questions were tricky to attempt. Maximum number of questions were asked from Analytical Reasoning. The Question Distribution Topic Wise are-

  1. Coding and Decoding – 1 Questions
  2. Statement of Conclusion – 1 to 2 Questions
  3. If DOG = 4157, then MAT = ?
  4. Mirror Image – 1 Question
  5. Water Image – 1 Question
  6. Direction and Shadow – 2 Questions
  7. Embedded Figure – 2 to 3 Questions
  8. Analytical – 4 to 5 Questions

General Science Section

The Difficulty Level of this section was easy to attempt. Maximum Questions were asked from Biology Section. Some of the Questions that were asked in the Computer Based Test (13th August 2018) Shift III are-

  1. What is the change of mass of a body when it is lands on the moon?
  2. 1 Kilowatt = ?
  3. How is Maltose Formed?
  4. What is the Chemical Formula of Bleaching Powder?
  5. What is the Atomic Number of Mercury?
  6. What is Carbon Allotropes Formation?
  7. Fungus Cell is built by which element?
  8. Which is the smallest bone in the Human Body?
  9. Vitamin C Deficiency causes which disease?
  10. Vitamin B12 Deficiency causes which disease?
  11. Chromosomes is found in which part of the body?
  12. Why is Syphilis Disease caused?
  13. Protein is formed by?

General Awareness on Current Awareness Section

Questions were asked from Current Affairs, Economy, Awards, Sports, and General Knowledge. Overall, the section was easy. Some of the Questions asked in the CBT were-

  1. Who is the Brand Ambassador of Bima Yojana?
  2. Who is the PM of Mauritius?
  3.  Who is the CFO of RBI?
  4. Who is the Author of the Book “Rise of Shivagami”?
  5. Babarnama is written in which language?

Overall, the Shift III Paper was moderate. Candidates can now get an idea of the types of questions asked in the CBT. This will help the candidates who will be giving the upcoming exams.


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