RRB ALP Exam Analysis 14th August 2018 First Stage CBT

Railway Recruitment Board has completed its 14th August 2018 First Stage CBT (Shift I, ) Test. This is the 4th Exam Day of the RRB ALP 2018. Candidates have provided quite a positive feedback regarding the ALP Computer Based Test. In this article, we have come with a detailed exam analysis of the 14th August 2018 First Stage CBT (Shift I). The Exam is conducted in three phases (10 to 11 am, 1 to 2 Pm, and 4 to 5 Pm). As per the feedback of the candidates received, the difficulty level of the paper was easy to moderate. Candidates found most of the questions easy to attempt.

Before getting to know about the Exam Analysis of RRB ALP First Stage CBT (14th August 2018), let’s us take a quick look at the Exam Pattern of the First Stage Computer Based Test of Railway Loco Pilot and Technician 2018.

Exam Analysis of RRB ALP 14th August 2018 CBT Shift I

The Overall Analysis of the First Stage CBT conducted on 14th August 2018 (Shift I) is easy to moderate. Questions were easy to attempt. Candidates can easily attempt 50+ Questions. Few Questions from the Mathematics section were calculative.However, the Pattern of the Questions were quite similar to the previous exams held. Hence, it will be a smart decision for the candidates to take a look on the Exam Analysis. This will help the candidates to prepare well for the upcoming shifts.

SectionsTotal Number of Questions AskedDifficulty LevelNumber of Good Attempts
Maths20Easy17 to 19 Questions
General Intelligence and Reasoning25Easy18 to 19 Questions
General Science20Easy to Moderate15 to 16 Questions
General Awareness (Current Affairs)10Moderate7 to 8 Questions
Total16 to 19 QuestionsEasy to Moderate59 to 65 Questions

Exam Analysis of 14th August 2018 First Stage ALP CBT (Shift I): Section -Wise

Mathematics Section

Overall the paper was easy to moderate. Most of the Questions were asked from Percentage and Trigonometry. Questions were calculative, few questions were tricky to solve. The Overall Analysis of of the Mathematics Section is –

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level of the Question
Percentage1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Algebra and Trigonometry2 to 3 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Time and Work1 to 2 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Time and Distance1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Age Calculation (Average)1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Simple Interest and Compound Interest2 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Ratio1 to 2 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Profit and Loss1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Partnership1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Geometry1 QuestionEasy
Simplification1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Alphabetical and Number System2 to 3 QuestionsEasy- Moderate
Total17 to 19 QuestionsEasy-Moderate

Questions Asked in the RRB ALP CBT 14th August 2018 Shift I

  1. What is the LCM 21, 42,28?
  2. By selling an article of Rs 144/- a man incurs a loss of 1/7 of his outlay. What will be his Gain/Loss if he sells it at Rs 168/-?
  3. If variance =16 and Mean = 25. Find the Standard Deviation?
  4. There are Red and Green Balls in a bag in the ratio of 6:3. If 4 Green Balls are added to the bag, the ratio becomes 3:4. Find how many balls are there were in the bag originally?
  5. If sec x + tan x = 4. Find sec x – tan x?
  6. If x+1/x = 265, then find the value of x?
  7. Find the value of 8(28+(-8)*(-2)) =
  8. If CP= Rs 1500 and Profit %age= 12%. Find the S.P= ?

As you can see that, most of the Questions were direct formula based. Candidates found it quite easy to answer. Few Questions were repetitive. Overall, the Mathematics Section was easy to moderate.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

The Difficulty Level of the Reasoning Section was easy. The Overall Topic wise Exam Analysis of General Intelligence and Reasoning Section is as follows-

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Coding and Decoding2 to 3 QuestionsEasy
Analogy1 to 2 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Hidden Figure2 to 3 QuestionsEasy
Relationships1 QuestionEasy
Venn Diagram1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Conclusions and Decision Making4 to 5 QuestionsEasy
Directions1 QuestionEasy
Coding and Decoding1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Syllogism2 to 3 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Image1 QuestionEasy
Total18 to 22 QuestionsEasy

List of the Questions that were asked in CBT (14th August 2018 Shift – I)

  1. If Monday comes on 1st January 2018, then find out the date of Monday for the next year?
  2. There were 1 Questions based on Image
  3. If a Car is put in a Garage, then where we should keep the Horse?
  4. E, J, O, T, _ ?
  5. Which Day is 15th March 2020?
  6. Number Series – 6, 12, 18, ?
  7. Questions were asked from Analogy as well

General Science Section

Overall this section was moderate. Maximum number of questions were asked from Science and Technology. Questions were asked from different zones.  Chemistry and Biology Questions were easy to attempt whereas, the Physics questions were bit tricky to answer. The Overall Analysis of this section is as follows-

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Science and Technoloy8 to 9 QuestionsEasy
Culture1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Economics2 QuestionsEasy to Moderate
Sports1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Current Affairs5 to 7 QuestionsModerate
Total16 to 19 QuestionsEasy to Moderate

List of the Questions asked in ALP CBT held on 14th August 2018 (Shift I)

  1. Which is the First Non-Metal in the Periodic Table?
  2. Which is the Lightest Metal in the Periodic Table?
  3. What is the Function of Plasma in the Blood Circulation?
  4. What is Transportation of Food in Trees called?

General Awareness (on Current Affairs)

This section was easy to moderate to answer. Questions were asked from different zones such as Current Affairs, Economy, Films etc.

List of the Questions that were asked in the CBT (14th August 2018 Shift I)

  1. Who was the Attorney General of India? – Venugopal
  2. Full Form of GST – Goods and Services Tax
  3. 4th Bimstec Summit will be held in which country?
  4. Who is the CM of Kerala? Pinarayi Vijaran
  5. Who is the author of Sita Warrior? Amish Tripathi
  6. Who is the CAG of India? Rajiv Meherishi
  7. Who was the Director of Film Poorna? Rahul Bose 
  8. Capital of USA? Washington DC
  9. Which State does Viswanathan belong to? Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu
  10. Who is the CEO of SBI? Arijit Basu

As per the Candidates feedback, the paper was very easy. Questions were directly asked. One can easily attempt 55+ questions. We wish all the candidates a Good Luck for the Examination.

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