RRB ALP 31 August 2018 Exam Analysis – RRB ALP Question Paper & Answers for Shift 1, 2 & 3

RRB ALP Exam Analysis of 31 August 2018 Question Paper with Answers | Today is the last CBT Examination of Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician. The First Shift is over and the second shift is going to start. Here, will provide you detailed exam analysis of RRB ALP CBT Exam that is conducted today – 31st August 2018. In this article, we will provide you overall RRB ALP 31 August 2018 Exam Analysis – Number of Good Attempts, Questions Asked and their Answer Key etc. Candidates who are appearing the second or third shift of RRB ALP 2018, can check this Exam Analysis & Question Paper with Solution to get an idea of what sort of questions will be asked.

RRB ALP Exam Analysis – 31 August 2018 Shift-1

Overall, the question paper was easy to moderate. Candidates were happy attempting the questions. Some questions in the Mathematics Section were tough and lengthy. We will provide you RRB ALP Question Paper of 31st August 2018 and its Answer Key.

Overall Exam Analysis of RRB ALP 29th August 2018 (Shift-1)

Sections Total Number of Questions Difficulty Level Good Attempts
General Intelligence and Reasoning  



Easy to Moderate


15 to 16 Questions

Mathematics 20 Easy to Moderate 17 to 19 Questions
General Science 20 Easy to Moderate 14 to 15 Questions
General Awareness 10 Easy 7 to 8 Questions
Total 75 Easy to Moderate 54 to 56 Questions

Exam Analysis of RRB ALP 31st August 2018 (Section-Wise) Shift I

RRB ALP Mathematics Paper Analysis:

Overall, the Mathematics Section Paper was easy to moderate. Questions were mostly based on direct formula. Few questions were calculative. The Question Distribution topic-wise is as follows-

Topics Number of Questions
Simple Interest and Compound Interest 2
Mensuration 2
Profit/Loss 2
Ages 1
Time and Work 2
Geometry 1
Speed and Distance 3
Simplification 3
Average and Percentage 1
Partnership 1
Percentage 2
Total 20 Questions

Questions Asked under Mathematics Section

  • Simplification – 3 Questions
  • Age Related – 3 Questions
  • 96 – 1.96 – 19.6 – 0.96 =?
  • Simple Interest – 1 Question
  • Pie and Bar Graph – 2 Questions
  • Square Root of 16384?
  • HCF and LCM of (56, 89, 596, 453) –
  • Cot Theta = √2-1, then tan theta – cot theta =

RRB ALP General Intelligence and Reasoning Section Exam Analysis

The General Intelligence and Reasoning Section was easy to moderate. Most of the questions were asked from Calender, Direction, Mirror Images, Series, Conclusion and Assumption, Syllogism etc. The Question Distribution of Topic Wise is as follows

Topics Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Analogy 2 Questions Easy
Coding and Decoding 2 Questions Easy to Moderate
Syllogism 2 to 3 Questions Easy to Moderate
Relationships 1 Question Easy
Venn Diagram 2 to 3 Questions Easy
Conclusions and Decision Making 5 Questions Easy to Moderate
Mirror and Directions 2 to 3 Question Easy
Alphabetical and Number Series 1 to 2 Questions Easy
Hidden Figure 1 Questions Easy to Moderate
Image 1 to 2 Questions Easy
Total 18 to 25 Questions Easy to Moderate

Questions Asked in General Intelligence and Reasoning Section

  • Statement and Conclusion – 5 Questions
  • Age Related Problem – 2 Questions
  • Mirror Image – 1 Question
  • Water Image  – 1 Question
  • Syllogism – 2 Question
  • Odd One Out – 1 Question
  • Venn Diagram – 1 Question
  • Number Series – 1 Question

RRB ALP General Science Section Paper Analysis

Overall, the difficulty level of this question paper was easy to moderate. Questions were asked equally from Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Subjects Questions Asked Difficulty Level
Physics 7 to 8 Questions Easy to Moderate
Chemistry  6 to 7 Questions Easy to Moderate
Biology 7 to 8 Questions Moderate to Difficult
Total 10 Questions Easy to Moderate

Questions Asked in General Science Section

  • Chloroform is invented by?
  • Eka- Boron related question
  • Connective Tissues Related Question
  • Questions related to Newland’s Periodic Table
  • Respiratory related questions
  • Radius of Nucleus – 1.75 fm
  • Potato belongs to which family? Solanum Tuberosum
  • Scientific Name of Vitamin D – Cholecalciferol (D3) and Ergocalciferol (D2)
  • Questions related to Metal and Non-Metal

RRB ALP General Awareness and Current Affairs Section Analysis

This section was easy. Questions were simple. Most of the Questions were repeated. Some of the Questions are-

Questions Asked in General Awareness and Current Affairs Section

  • Which App is launched by Sachin Tendulkar?
  • Question related to Bull Fight?
  • Which Dam is inaugurated by PM Modi? Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Which Indian Cricketer acted in 2 Bollywood Movie?
  • Actor of Padman movie? Akshay Kumar
  • Which river passes by London? River Thames
  • Which movie got national award of best featured movie?
  • Which river passes by South Africa? The Orange River
  • Douglas Bridge is situate in?  Washington DC
  • Which boxer from Manipur won Silver medal?
  • Lamitye is performed between which country?
  • 1st Indian to win Novel Prize?
  • Winner of world hockey 2017 leguage
  • Who won Pritzar award 2018? B.V Doshi

We will soon update the Second Stage CBT of RRB ALP conducted on 31st August 2018.

Updated: August 31, 2018 — 2:48 pm

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