RRB ALP Medical Test 2021: Check Details of Physical Test, Vision Test & Medical Standards

RRB Medical Test 2021 is the final stage of the RRB ALP Recruitment 2021. The RRB Loco Pilot Medical Test is conducted after all the RRB ALP Examination Procedure and Document Verification. Candidates have to undergo through various RRB ALP 2021 Medical Fitness Test. The Railway Loco Pilot Medical Test 2021 is conducted to check the Physical and Mental State of the candidate. The selected candidate will be appointed with a date to attend the RRB ALP Medical Test 2021. The Railway Loco Pilot and Technician Medical Test 2021 is conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board. Candidates who clear the RRB ALP First, Second CBT, CBAT, and Document Verification, they will be shortlisted for RRB Loco Pilot Medical Fitness Test 2021. In this article, we have provided complete details about RRB Medical Test 2021.

General Physical Examination Standards of RRB ALP Medical Test 2021

Candidates who will be selected for RRB ALP Medical Test 2021, have to satisfy all the Physical standards of RRB Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Medical Test.

Category of the candidate


Height (in cms)





Candidates:- Railway Engineering Services (Civil, Electrical, Signal, and Mechanical), Transportation (Operating and Commercial)Departments, Railway Protection Force, the posts in the Marine Establishment and Special Class Railway Apprentices.


152 Cms




150 Cms



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What does 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Eye Vision mean?

These are different Eye Vision Standards that are required for the selection in the RRB Posts. These eye vision standards are also called Vision Acuity Standards, which refers to the clarity of vision. which are measured using the Snellen’s Eye Chart. The Snellen’s Eye Chart is an eye chart to check the clarity of vision of the applicant/candidate. The Snellen’s Eye Chart is printed with eleven lines with block letters all printed in different sizes which a candidate must read standing from the distance.

  • If the candidate reads out all the letters from a distance of 6 meters, then he/she has a normal vision of 6/6 eye vision.

  • If you are reading the letters from 6 meters, whereas the normal eye can read the letters at a distance of 9 meters. This means that you have 6/9 eye vision.

  • If you are reading the letters from 6 meters, whereas the normal eye can read letters at a distance of 12 meters. That means that you have a 6/12 vision.

  • If you are reading the letters from 6 meters, whereas the normal eye can read letters at a distance of 18 meters, then that means you have 6/18 eye vision.

RRB ALP Medical Test 2021

The RRB Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Medical Test 2021 comprise of two stages. The RRB ALP Medical Test 2021 comprises of – General Physical Test and Vision Tests. The Tests and some of the attributes include-

RRB ALP Medical Test 2021 – General Physical Examination Tests

Candidates are supposed to take few general physical examination tests to qualify the RRB ALP Technician 2021 Medical Tests. Some of the tests are:

  • Urine Sample Collection – This is a Routine Checkup

  • Sharp Sensibility Test of Nose, Ear, Mouth, and Teeth – This is also a routine check-up.

  • Blood Test – to check Haemoglobin, STD, and any other diseases and CBC Report.

  • Physical Body Check Up – This is to check candidate’s BP, Balanced Weight, and Height, BMI Calculation and the whole body are examined under this test.

  • X-Ray of Chest – This test is not for the female applicants as they do not have chest criteria.

  • Hand Movement Test – Candidates need to have an efficient movement of hands and perfect hand carrying angles.

  • Varicose Veins Test – These veins are found from feet to stomach and these are responsible for Varicocele.

  • Arms – Your arms should have appropriate movement.

  • Backbone – Your Backbone should be in proper and straighten up an order.

  • The Applicants should not have Hydrocele and Piles issue as well.

RRB ALP Medical Test 2021 – General Vision Tests

Including the General ALP Physical Medical Tests, candidates will also have to undergo a general vision test. Some of the tests include:

Eye Test

  • The Eye Test includes complete eye-check up which includes Near Vision, Distant Vision test, Binocular Vision and Irish Check.

  • Candidates are strictly prohibited to use lenses during the examination as the officials will ask the candidates to rub their eyes. Candidates should possess high-color vision and must not have a squint in their eyes.

Lasik Surgery

  • Candidates who have undergone Lasik surgery will be disqualified in the medical exam. They are not eligible for the A2, B1, B2 Medical Standards.

Color Blindness Test

  • Candidates will be asked to read numbers in a color dotted book to test their Color Blindness.

RRB ALP Medical Standards

Candidates who have applied for the Railway Posts need to fulfill certain Fixed Eye Standards in order to get qualified in the RRB Loco Pilot Medical Test 2021. For different eye standards, candidates need to have a certain vision limit. In this table, you can check all the Fixed Eye Standards along with the test that is required and is applicable to which sports.

Fixed Eye Standard


Tests Included

Applicable for the following Posts


Distant Vision- 6/9, 6/9 without glass (No Fogging Test)

Near Vision Sn- 0.6, 0.6 without glasses

Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Night Vision, Mesopic Vision etc.

Gateman/ Assistant Pointsman/ Porter/ Hamal/ Sweeper cum Porter


Distant Vision 6/9, 6/12 with or without glasses (power lenses not to exceed than 4D)

Near Vision: Sn 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses while reading

Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Night Vision, Mesopic Vision etc.

Helper, Track Maintainer

(Grade IV)


Distant Vision 6/9, 6/12 with or without glasses (power lenses not to exceed than 4D)

Near Vision: Sn 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses while reading

Binocular Vision etc.

Helper/Electrical/Power in the Electrical Department


Distant Vision 6/12, 6/18 with or without glasses when reading

Hospital Attendant/ Helper

The RRB ALP Medical Test will be conducted after the Computer Based Test and Document Verification. The Medical Test of Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician will select the candidate for the ALP and Technician Post.

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Updated: April 13, 2021 — 4:41 pm

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  1. Sir I have sight 3.0 number
    Can i qualify for alp vision test

  2. I have completed Electrician course in ITI. I have not been able to hear in my right ear since I got smallpox in my childhood but, in the left ear, I hear excellent. Am I eligible for ALP post in Indian Railways?

  3. My friend has a little hearing loss is he qualifies the test for alp

  4. Sir I have keloid on my hand can I apply for rrb alp

  5. I have knock knees am I eligible for alp

  6. Hi
    Remo chakraborthy, kindly send your contact number.

  7. Sir i have passed all medical test.my both the eyes are 6/6.i dont have any vision problem.but OCT test shows that i have glaucoma.if i submit the report,will i get dis qualify for the post of alp

  8. I have sugar problem but now that is in normal range and apart from that my eyesight is fine with glass. Am I eligible for technician????
    Please reply

  9. I had braces on my teeth , will it become a problem for me in medicial examination

  10. Sir i have minor piles problem. They will reject me or can give some time for treatment?

  11. Hi, my friend had a fracture of his forehand before and underwent a surgery to implant steel inorder to correct the fracture. It needs to be removed next month.now his hand movements perfect and he can do all activities well.he is afraid about alp medical. Whether it will be a problem during medical

  12. Hi I have eyesight.am I eligible for Alp tier 3 exam?if eligible can i put my eyesight values as I have or there should be normal values only on VISION CERTIFICATE..plz reply.

  13. Hi
    I have sight with -2.5, can i attend alp 3?

  14. Hii
    My standard for ALP 6/12 both eyes
    Remaining all tests ok.
    Am I eligible for ALP psychometric test??
    I have certificate with that standards.
    Plzz reply

  15. Sir wieght agar Jyada hai to kya hoga

  16. +.5 power am i eligible for alp exam

    1. Hi Shiv,
      Check official notification for your query.

  17. I checked for vision test I have 6/6 vision everything is fine but doc found suspect on retina like glaucoma and after several tests like field vision ,fundus photography it found normal.Can it create any problem for me during rrb medical exam.plz answer??Can I produce all reports related to tests??

    1. Hi Prasad,
      No it wont be a problem, at the time of medical test that will be conducted by RRB again, if you do not have any problem in your eyes it is no issue.

  18. With vericocele veins. Is rrb gives time for its treatment by medical?

    1. Hi Rehaan,
      If your treatment is going on and you have the chances to be cured in near future, then RRB does consider your Recruitment.

  19. Hi,I’m willing to know that running and weight carrying are included in physical test?

    1. Hi Harshit,
      Yes, they all are considered in Physical test. For more details check the official notification.

  20. I have a problem called exotropia, can I eligible for alp.

    1. Hi Saivital,
      You can appear in the medical test to be confirmed of the outcome.

  21. I had a leg operation at childhood time.. But now I can run, jump and everything is fine.My body is fit in all except this problem.. can I qualify medical test?

    1. Hi Naress,
      Yes you can qualify the medical test.

  22. Hi
    I have lense with -2
    Does I am eligible for ALP ?

    1. Hi Vengadanathan,
      Kindly appear in the examination.

  23. Am I eligible or not tell me sir ,,hepatitis B person rejects or no problem to get job ??

    1. Hi Manju,
      Appear for the exam. Until and unless you appear for the Medical Test we can not say anything for sure.

  24. Is suffering from chronic hepatitis B will be REJECTED OR ELIGIBLE For RRB ALP ,,,do reply Sir

    1. Hi Manju,
      Kindly appear for the examination to finalize the Selection.

  25. I have aspects for the long site of 3.5 ,can I qualify medical test rrb alp

    1. HI Bharathi,
      Kindly appear in the examination and finalize the result. We cannot declare your results like this.

  26. I have myopia. And (- 2)number. Can I qualify?

    1. Hi Sneha,
      it depends on the post you have applied in and the medical standards. Last decision by the RRB Exam Authority will be considered final.

  27. I have lens -1.5 number.
    Can I qualify for ALP VISION test.

    1. Hi Shrikant,
      Yes you can qualify.

  28. Person with piles problem will be disqualified instantly or is there any level of piles.

    1. HI Loki,
      This can only be decided by RRB.

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