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The RRB which is otherwise called as Railway Recruitment Board is a Government Organization in India. It was founded on 27th April 1998. This recruitment board is owned, controlled and managed by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

Objectives of the Railway Recruitment Board

  • To formulate the policy in regard to the recruitment procedures
  • To observe all the activities of all the Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) including the expenditure incurred for the recruitment.
  • To evaluate the performance of the RRBs and advise them on the priorities as required.
  • To organize a management information system for monitoring work done by RRBs.

There are 16 Railway Recruitment Boards which are situated across different parts of India, under the Government of India that manages the appointment for the new employees to work in the Indian Railways.

The Indian Government owns the empire of the Indian Railways. The Indian Railway is divided into different zones. It is divided into 21 zones:

  1. RRB Ahmedabad Recruitment 2018
  2. RRB Ajmer Recruitment 2018
  3. RRB Allahabad Recruitment 2018
  4. RRB Bangalore Recruitment 2018
  5. RRB Bhopal Recruitment 2018
  6. RRB Bhubaneswar Recruitment 2018
  7. RRB Bilaspur Recruitment 2018
  8. RRB Chandigarh Recruitment 2018
  9. RRB Chennai Recruitment 2018
  10. RRB Gorakhpur Recruitment 2018
  11. RRB Guwahati Recruitment 2018
  12. RRB Jammu and Kashmir Recruitment 2018
  13. RRB Kolkata Recruitment 2018
  14. RRB Malda Recruitment 2018
  15. RRB Mumbai Recruitment 2018
  16. RRB Muzaffarpur Recruitment 2018
  17. RRB Patna Recruitment 2018
  18. RRB Ranchi Recruitment 2018
  19. RRB Secunderabad Recruitment 2018
  20. RRB Siliguri Recruitment 2018
  21. RRB Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment 2018

History of Railway Recruitment Board

  • In the year 1942, the Service Commission with the Chairman along with 2 members had established for the recruitment of the Subordinate Staff on the North West Railway which is known as Railway Service Commission.
  • In the year 1945, the Service Commissions were set up in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Lucknow.
  • In 1948, the Indian Railway Enquiry Committee reviewed the working of the commissions.
  • In the year 1949, a ban was imposed on the recruitments of the Indian Railways due to the financial compulsion. Thus the number of Commissions were reduced to one centrally located in Mumbai.
  • In the year 1953-54, when the economic conditions of the Indian Railways started to improve, the Indian Railways again introduced the four service commission in Mumbai, Allahabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.
  • In 1956, the Estimates Committee approved the method of the recruitment by the Constitution of the Railway Service Commission.
  • In 1983, to cater the needs of the service of the areas which were neglected due to the locations of the existing commissions. Seven more commissions were set up Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar.
  • In 1984, two more service commissions were set up at Malda and Gorakhpur.
  • Later in January 1985, the Railway Service Commissions have renamed as Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
  • At present 21 Railway Recruitment Boards are functioning.

About the Railway Recruitment Jobs

The Railway Recruitment Jobs comes under the Central Government. Every Indian dream to get a job in the Railway line. The Indian Railway Jobs is one of the wisest decision to take if you are planning to settle down and have a secure life in future. But the completion is very high for these RRB Jobs. Once the notification is announced by the RRB, lakhs of people try to apply for these vacancies. Whether it is a low post or a high post, the Railway Recruitment provides a good handful of salary along with extra allowances. In this article, we will be providing you with a complete guide of the Railway Recruitment programs or the exams that are conducted.

The RRB conducts mainly four exams every year. The exams are:

  • RRB Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)
  • RRB Non-Technical Jobs (NTPC)
  • RRB Senior Section Engineer (SSE)
  • RRB Junior Engineer (JE)

The details of these exams are explained below. These posts come in huge vacancies.

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Exam (ALP)

The RRB recruits a large number of hardworking candidates every year for a various number of posts. On the basis of the eligibility of a candidate, the Indian Railway has many posts. The Assistant Loco Pilot is one of the posts which the railway recruits the candidates.

Job Profile of the Assistant Loco Pilot

The Assistant Loco Pilot is a post in which the candidate or the employee assists the drivers which pilot the train. The Loco Pilot gives the proper right directions to the person who pilots the train. The Loco Pilot understands the signal lights and instructs the driver to pilot the train incorrect direction. In short, the candidates will assist the driver in performing his duties including calling out signal as soon as one is sighted, fine-tuning Loco and attending minor repairs of Loco.

Salary and the Pay Scale

The Loco Pilot enjoys a number of benefits, allowances, and perks along with the salary. Below is the total salary structure and grade pay of the Loco Pilot:

  • Salary Structure: Rs 5200- Rs 20200
  • Grade Pay: INR 1900
  • Initial Pay: INR 5830
  • Total Pay: INR 7730

Allowances that are offered to an ALP

  • Dearness Allowance
  • Running Allowance- this is a special allowance that is paid on the basis of how many kilometers you have covered during the month.
  • House Allowance
  • Night Duty Allowance
  • Transport Allowance

Age Limit

Minimum age limit of the candidate should be 18 years and the maximum age limit is 30 years.

Educational Qualifications

  1. Candidates must complete minimum 10th standard.
  2. The candidate must have completed the ITI (approved by NCVT/SCVT) in any specific field to apply for this post.
  3. The candidates who have completed the Diploma in Engineering are also eligible.

Medical Standards

The candidates must have the high-level medical standard. The medical standard is recorded from the period of joining to the end of the career.

RRB Non-Technical Jobs (NTPC)

The Railway Recruitment opens a huge number of vacancies for the Non-Technical Jobs also.

Job Profile of RRB Non – Technical Job

The RRB conducts Non-technical Popular Categories (NTPC) to recruit Commercial Apprentice Goods Guard, Traffic Apprentice, Traffic Assistant, and Assistant Station Master Etc. all over India. The Non-Technical Job Department mainly includes the general services such as accounts, personnel management, Railway Protection Force (RPF) or security and traffic services, among others.

Below are the posts which come under the RRB NTPC. These posts will be based on your final selection in the exam.

  • Commercial Apprentice (CA)
  • Traffic Apprentice (TA)
  • Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk (ECRC)
  • Goods Guard
  • Assistant Station Master (ASM)
  • Traffic Assistant
  • Senior Time Keeper
  • Junior Accounts Assistant Cum Typist (JAA)
  • Senior Clerk- Cum –Typist

There is about 254587 number of vacancies out at every period of recruitment.

RRB Senior Section Engineer

As the Indian Railways is one known to be as one of the biggest employers in India. It releases it a high number of vacancies every year for a various number of fields. One amongst them is the RRB Senior Section Engineer.

Job Profile of RRB Senior Section Engineer

The SSE post is basically a supervisor in Civil Engineering who is posted under the Department of Railways. They are posted mainly in the major stations. The person will be in charge of the section of the track (approx. 100-250 km length) stretching over a couple of stations. He will be responsible for the maintenance, repairs and attending to the failures like the rail fracture. He will have a few number of Junior Engineers working under him and a large team of workers consisting of the trackman, khalasis, gagman, patrolman etc.

He also conducts regular inspections, trolley inspections, footplate inspections (by traveling in an engine of the running train) over this section.

The RRB Senior Section Engineer Posts are categorized on the basis of different education qualification profile:

Education Qualification (Civil Engineering)

  • Section Engineer/P-way: This job is a permanent way which means the Railway Track Maintenance. This is a field job of 24 hours.
  • Section Engineer/Bridge: This post is directly related to the maintenance and new construction of the Railway Bridges. This is a field job of 24 hours.
  • Section Engineer/ Works: This post is related to maintenance and construction of the Railway Buildings. It is a field job of 24 hours.
  • Section Engineer/ Drawing (Civil) Design and Estimation: This post is related to the drawing, designing and estimation of the Railway sections. All these three works are done to get a tender. It is an office nature job with working hours of 10-6 hours.
  • Senior Engineer/ Engg: This post is related to the research works in RDSO or any other Railway Research Institute. It is an Office Nature Job with working hours of 10 to 6 hours.
  • Section Engineer/ TMS: This post is related to the Track Management System. It is a mixed type of job that means it includes both Office Nature as well as the Field Job. It completely depends on your posting.

Educational Qualification (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Section Engineer (Mechanical Workshop): It is related to the Railway Maintenance and Manufacturing Factory. It is a shift duty or rotational.
  • Section Engineer (Mechanical): This post completely depends upon the posting C&W, DSL, Workshop.
  • Section Engineer (Carriage and Wagon): It is directly connected with the Goods and Maintenance at the nominated depots. It can be a shift duty or a 24hours Job.
  • Section Engineer (DSL Mechanical): This post is related to the Engine Maintenance at nominated depots. It can be a shift duty as well as 24 hours Job.
  • Section Engineer (J&T-Jigs and Tools): It is related to the Railway Maintenance and Manufacturing Factory. This can be a shift duty or rotational.
  • Senior Engineer (Drawing and Designing): It is related to the Drawing and designing of the Railway. It is office type Job 10 to 6 hours.
  • Section Engineer (Electrical): This post is related to the maintenance of the electric supply. It is a shift duty job.
  • Section Engineer (TRD): TRD is known as the Traction Distribution Maintenance of the Locomotives in the workshop. It is a shift duty Job.
  • Section Engineer (TRS): TRS- Traction Rolling Stock. This post handles and takes care of the maintenance of the Locomotives in Open line. This is a field job and the working hours is 24 hours.
  • Section Engineer (Electrical Workshop): This handles the Railway Maintenance and Manufacturing Factory. It is a shift duty or a Rotational type job.
  • Educational Qualifications (Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering):
  • Section Engineer (Drawing, Design): It is concerned with the drawing and designing. It an office nature job type. Working Hours: 10 to 6 hours.
  • Section Engineer (Signals): This post takes care of the signals through which the running of the trains are dependable. It is a mixed type of job; field as well as office nature.
  • Section Engineer (Telecommunications): It is concerned with the Railway Communication System. It is a mixed nature job. Office as well as Field Job.
  • Engineer (S&T) Workshop: It is concerned with the Railway Manufacturing and Manufacturing Factory. The Job type is either Shift Duty or Rotational.
  • Section Engineer (Drawing /S&T): It is mainly a planning department office duty.
  • Section Engineer (PCO/Shop Floor): It is mainly related to the Railway Maintenance and Manufacturing. The Job Type is Shift Duty or Rotational.
  • Educational Qualification (Engineering):
  • Chief Depot Material Superintendent: It is concerned with the store (Material Management). The office working hours are 10 to 6 hours.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be in age between 20-34 years.

Educational Qualification Required

Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized university or Institution.

Salary and Allowances

  • Pay Scale: Rs 9300- Rs 34,800
  • Grade Pay: Rs 4600
  • Initial Pay: Rs 12, 540
  • Total Pay: Grade Pay+ Initial Pay= Rs 17140


Depends on the conditions as it cannot be stated uniformly. Other major allowances include:

Also, Check here – RPSC Admit Card

  • Dearness Allowance on Total Pay Above
  • Transport Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance (if not house quarters are not provided)


The Deductions from the salary include 10% of the Total Pay towards the New Pension Scheme.


RRB Junior Engineer

Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer

A Junior Engineer works as a supervisor in Civil Engineering Department of Railways. The person is also called as the “Inspector of Works”. He is under the charged of the construction and the maintenance of the Railway building, including the staff quarters, water supply to these buildings and encroachment of the Railway Land. The role of a JE includes a small jurisdiction of approximately 50-60 Km of the Railway Track.

The responsibilities of a JE are:

  • Construction and maintenance of the Residential and Office Quarters.
  • Creation of the Assets such as the Platform Extension Work, Small Quarter Construction, and Platform Shed Construction/ Repairs, Painting etc.)

Eligibility Criteria

Must be in age between 18- 32 Years

Minimum Educational Qualification

  • Holding 3 years diploma in Civil Engineering/ Mechanical/Electrical/ Electronics/Manufacturing/Mechatronics/Industrial/ Machining/Instrumentation and Control/ Tools and Machining/ Tools and Die Making/ Automobile/ Production Engineering.
  • BSC in Civil Engineering of three years duration.
  • A combination of any sub-stream of basic streams of Civil Engineering from a recognized University or Institute.

Salary Structure and Allowances

  • Pay Scale: Rs 9300-Rs 34,800
  • Grade Pay: Rs 4200
  • Initial Pay: Rs 9300
  • Total Pay: Grade Pay+ Initial Pay= Rs 13, 500


  • Dearness Allowance on Total pay
  • Transport Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance (If Quarters are not provided)

Different RRB Zones

There are 16 RRB Zones across India. Several Posts are released every year in these zones. The RRB Zones and their headquarters and divisions are:

RRB Ahmedabad Recruitment www.rrbahmedabad.gov.in
RRB Bhopal Recruitment www.rrbbpl.nic.in
RRB Chennai Recruitment www.rrbchennai.gov.in
RRB Kolkata Recruitment rrbkolkata.gov.in
RRB Patna Recruitment www.rrbpatna.gov.in
RRB Thiruvananthapuram Recruitment www.rrbthiruvananthapuram.gov.in
RRB Ajmer Recruitment www.rrbajmer.org
RRB Bhubaneshwar Recruitment www.rrbbbs.gov.in
RRB Gorakhpur Recruitment www.rrbgkp.gov.in
RRB Malda Recruitment www.rrbmalda.gov.in
RRB Ranchi Recruitment www.rrbranchi.org
RRB Allahabad Recruitment www.rrbald.gov.in
RRB Bilaspur Recruitment www.rrbbilaspur.gov.in
RRB Guwahati Recruitment www.rrbguwahati.gov.in
RRB Mumbai Recruitment www.rrbmumbai.gov.in
RRB Secunderabad Recruitment rrbsecunderabad.nic.in
RRB Bangalore Recruitment www.rrbbnc.gov.in
RRB Chandigarh Recruitment www.rrbcdg.gov.in
RRB Jammu Recruitment www.rrbjammu.nic.in
RRB Muzaffarpur Recruitment www.rrbmuzaffarpur.gov.in
RRB Siliguri Recruitment www.rrbsiliguri.org

Different RRC Zones

Northern Railway – RRC www.rrcnr.org
South Eastern – RRC www.ser.indianrailways.gov.in
North Western – RRC www.nwr.indianrailways.gov.in
Western Railway – RRC www.wr.indianrailways.gov.in


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